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About & Contact August 4, 2010

Me( My self), Big Man, Little Man and Little Lady

Me (My Self)

Half Dutch half Indonesian, lived in Indonesia, Holland and Jordan, residing now in the UK.  Got a degree in multimedia, recently finished her course in early year education. Love (most of the time) to stay at home with my kids, considering to unschooled them, but first want to give the Islamic school a chance.

Big Man currently still busy  in Jordan, has been a way from his family for 6 months now…

Little Man is a young boy who loves being silly, making mum struggles finding the suitable type of education for him.

Little a lady is a strong girl masya’Allah, loves to say no and means it, very clever but very stubborn as well.

If you have any inquiry or want to contact me, please leave a comment or email me at:


One Response to “About & Contact”

  1. assalam alaikum!
    Thank you for commenting in my blog. Hope you have beautiful first Ramadaan in UK!

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