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Eid Day September 16, 2010

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I know it’s a belated post, but my internet connection has been giving me a hard time lately, so here is my Eid post.

Made two cakes…visits two houses… the big man is not with us yet…no presents for the kids just new clothes, Alhamdullilah. It’s was A good Eid but we had better ones… Hopefully next year will be better Insya’Allah.

Now, I’m just trying hard to keep up with my prays and Qur’an reading…don’t want to go down the hill.


Saturday Again September 4, 2010

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Not many  founds today, some of the places still have the same things as last week… mmhh, at least the kids are happy with their toy soldiers and the vase is perfect for Eid  fresh flowers.

The green flowery single duvet cover, I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do with it, but the white table-cloth… I think I’m going to make it the back of my next quilt project 🙂


Some Results September 2, 2010

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The first thing I made for my Eid sewing project is my praying clothes… I have 2 of them (well, now 3) which are already worn out , and this fabric was just screaming to be made to praying clothes.

I made an Eid Garland which makes the little man so excited… “Let’s have Eid Party, lets bake Eid cake, Can I invite all of my friends? Shall I make a list now…and so on…and on”

To continue I  think insya’Allah I’m going to make another decoration item (?) and matching wear for me and little lady…


Time to Decorate August 31, 2010

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Yippie… We’re almost there, already 1/3 of Ramadhan, time to decorate… my house and my children 😉 .  Hopefully my sewing machine doesn’t mind working hard.


Thrifty and A Splurge… August 28, 2010

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Alright today was supposed to be my thrifty day but when I went  in the town centre I saw this massive ad at Debenhams saying “40% off  all Le Crueset”. I couldn’t resist  to come in. I had always want to have one…yes… just one *for now*… so there I was…standing and trying to make up my mind…I confess I wanted all of them, but finally I took the small oval 25″ blue casserole pot… I know it’s a big splurge for me… but hey… that’s my Eid present for my self (since no-one’s going to give me one )…hehe…

Afterward, as you might already guess I don’t have much more left to spend even for thrifty things, but I found this super cute pyrex with lid and the little lady was mesmerized by this dinosaur pop-up, so I guess spending  £3  more wouldn’t hurt that much.

Btw got a new post over at Simplicious 🙂


1st day. August 12, 2010

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Allhamdullilah the first day is over, they say the first day is the hardest part but I guess if your Ramadhan is easy then you should worry .

 I had sahur with only the little man,  I’m so suprise that he’s so patience today (He’s ussually not;)). I woke him up and asked him what he would like to eat, he wanted just a simple sandwich with cheese and mayo (his dutch part got the better of him). Together we pray the subh,  after he went back to bed and I started to read the Qur’an from the beginning ( with my stutter reading I doubt I ‘m going to finish it by the end of the month but I ‘m going to try).

I memorized the sura Al Lahab… my target is to memoraize one short sura each day Insya’Allah.

At 10.30 I brought him to the summer scheme at his school, I was stopped by the teacher…” Is he not going to have his tuck?”… Me: ” Emm…he’s going to try to fast today”… Apparently he’s the only one in his class doing the fasting ( the more reason for me to move him to the Islamic school).

I try to implement the advice I get from this, and sleep the multiply of 1 and half hours, so I slept 3 hours last night and another 3 hours after the subh. I tried to take the 20 mins nap before Ashr… but instead  I took another 3 hour this was because little lady and little man was napping with me as well ( hahaha…trying to put the blame on the kids).

From 4 pm little man start started to complain and whine… and finally at  5.30 pm I gave in (I felt making him wait until 8.35 would be too much still for a seven yo).  Little man ate and I start to cook my food.

The whole day experience is I felt this unusual calmness which is amazing, however I feel I miss my husband a lot,  marriage is not a fairytale but at a special time like this, I do  feel incomplete without the big man. Insya’Allah Khair.

And (remember) when Lukman said to his son when he was advising him: “O my son! Join not in worship others with Allah. Verily! Joining others in worship with Allah is a great Zulm (wrong) indeed.


The last day of sha’ban August 10, 2010

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I ‘m going to start my first  Ramadhan diary…Starting today with the ritual of making Ramadhan cookies with the kids 🙂

Dua before eating…

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ وَعَلَى بَرَكَةِ اللَّهِ

BismiLlah wa alla barakatiLlah

“In the name of Allah and with the blessings of Allah I begin (eating)”