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Thrifty Saturday September 18, 2010

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I don’t know what it is exactly, but when I was in Holland, I was never interested in Delft Blue pottery but when I live abroad I suddenly develop this soft spot for them, of course the “real” ones, not ones they sell in big buckets in Kalverstraat (souvenirs street in Amsterdam).

When I saw  this “huisje” looking lonely on the rack, I knew I had to to have it, AllhamdulliLlah it stands now nicely  in my books shelf 🙂

Anyhow today was good thrifting, I got the “huisje”, a pyrex bowl, some fabrics and knitted mats.


Thrifty and A Splurge… August 28, 2010

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Alright today was supposed to be my thrifty day but when I went  in the town centre I saw this massive ad at Debenhams saying “40% off  all Le Crueset”. I couldn’t resist  to come in. I had always want to have one…yes… just one *for now*… so there I was…standing and trying to make up my mind…I confess I wanted all of them, but finally I took the small oval 25″ blue casserole pot… I know it’s a big splurge for me… but hey… that’s my Eid present for my self (since no-one’s going to give me one )…hehe…

Afterward, as you might already guess I don’t have much more left to spend even for thrifty things, but I found this super cute pyrex with lid and the little lady was mesmerized by this dinosaur pop-up, so I guess spending  £3  more wouldn’t hurt that much.

Btw got a new post over at Simplicious 🙂


Thrifty Saturday August 22, 2010

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I made plan that from now on every saturday is my thrifty day…yeay… *time run faster as well when you’re thrifting*